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Full Hard Grade 301 Stainless Steel Strip For Springs

We offer precision 301 grade full hard precision stainless steel strip for producing constant-force springs. Our cold-rolled precision stainless steel strips could come in various widths and thicknesses to meet all your technical applications. 

There are many varied usages for the constant-force springs that manufacture using grade 301 precision strip coil. In generally, these springs are essential for counterbalancing and also when applying a constant load to commutator brushes, among various other uses. When used in vehicles, the motor springs help in power generation and cable retraction. In addition, power springs may also be used for window regulator and seat recliner mechanisms.

One of the main benefits of constant-force springs made using garde 301 stainless steel strip is the fact that you get consistent and reliable performance. And only the highest quality of precision strip steel should be used when developing your constant-force springs. We will assist you by producing special precision strip steel materials for your constant-force springs based on your specifications. Our high quality strip coil materials can make your springs highly reliable and suitable for a wide range of applications.



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